Nomad' Cab : L’âme de vos événements


NOMAD’EVENTS enables you to test in exclusivity a 6 seats ranger’s tour !
Halfway between the 4WD vehicle (but much more fun) and the quad (but safer), the « ranger » is the perfect way to experience both inaccessible paths and soul of the Basques for a day!

Thrill seekers and nature lovers will enjoy this exceptional compromise between the raid’s performance and the quiet simplicity of hiking !

Family, friends or colleagues, a pleasure to share at six !
Accompanied by your state qualified instructor, take the wheel of our rangers for an unusual trip in the Basque hinterland

Enter this immutable ocean of greenful hills, greet the Basques on local paths, taste local specialties, follow the tracks’ ridge, put your steps into the smugglers’ones, turn from driver to passenger, kiss spectacular panoramas, and then... return, fullfilled of emotions and memories from this unusual day out of time.

A programme full of emotion, nature and fresh air together with crossings, sloughs, fording, pottoks and vultures, "palombière" and "cayolars", basque pelota game areas and typical villages... with the ocean as background

Easy level, omitting any notion of speed, our tours allow beginners as for experienced, to evolve safely on varied areas.

From 2 hours to 3 days, our range of 4wd tours is accessible to everyone.

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